Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact someone at VAC-AVC when I need assistance?

Either send an email to or go to Contact Us< at the bottom the webpage and send us a message. We will be in touch as soon as we can.

I need a Member's private pages registration link.

My Member's private pages password is lost/does not work.

If you have already registered for private pages access, click Members at the top of the VAC-AVC website homepage. Click Reset Password at the bottom of the Account Sign In page. The GoDaddy Password reset is only valid for 2 hours!

Are VAC-AVC Education Program events certificated for CME/MOC?

Yes. Certificates of Attendance will be issued, after completion of an Evaluation Form, in either RCPSC or generic format to allow all Members to demonstrate continuing education.
The Program is a Section 1 self-approved group learning (and where recording is permitted by the speaker, Section 2 self learning) activity as defined by the RCPSC MOC program.

How do I pay the Membership Fee after my application is accepted?

With your confirmation of acceptance we will include a link to the Pay Your Membership page in the VAC-AVC website -

When will you have information to help people with vascular anomalies and their families.

As a newly created organization we are currently concentrating on bringing together healthcare professionals from across Canada. Once that is underway we will be able to create and share information to help.

Please let know how we can help by sending your suggestions, ideas and questions to and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Does this site work with Internet Explorer?

Not all parts of the site display or work as we want. It works fully with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.