Meet the Board of Directors

We are privileged to have an accomplished Board of Directors who provide guidance, expertise, and leadership to our organization

Dr Philip John

Dr Philip John

Former Interventional Radiologist Toronto

Dr Vicky Price

Dr Vicky Price

Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist Halifax

Dr Chris Lightfoot

Dr Chris Lightfoot

Interventional Radiologist Halifax


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Who are the Board of Directors of Vascular Anomalies Canada?

The Board of Directors consists of Members who volunteer their time and expertise to govern and guide the organization. They are passionate about raising awareness among healthcare professionals, supporting patients, parents and caregivers, and advocating for those affected by vascular anomalies.

What is the role of the Board of Directors?

The board of directors is responsible for providing strategic direction and overseeing the operations of Vascular Anomalies Canada. They make important decisions, set organizational goals, and ensure compliance with legal, financial and ethical standards. Additionally, they play a crucial role in fundraising, networking, and representing the organization to the broader community.

How are the Board members selected?

Directors are selected from applicants for the role and conversations with the Board Members coordinating the selection of new Directors . Prospective board members are typically individuals with a strong commitment to the mission of Vascular Anomalies Canada and possess relevant skills and experience in areas such as healthcare, advocacy, finance, or nonprofit management. The Board proposes a 'slate' of Directors with a balance of skills, experience and interests to the Annual Members Meeting.

How long is the term for Board members?

The term for board members varies but is typically for two to three years. After the term expires, some board members may choose to seek re-election, step down or step into a new role. The rotation of board members ensures a fresh perspective and continuity of leadership within the organization.

Can anyone become a Board member?

All Directors must be an active Member of the organization. While anyone can express interest in becoming a board member, the selection process considers expertise, availability, and alignment with the organization's values and objectives. The board strives to maintain a diverse and inclusive composition.