Strengthening care & support for Vascular Anomalies in Canada

Building a collaborative network

Connecting interested health care providers, allied health care professionals and patients, families & caregivers across Canada to create the highest standards of care for patients with Vascular Anomalies.

Sharing information and knowledge

Making up-to-date information and knowledge about care and support of value to both patients & families and healthcare professionals readily available.

Sharing experience to enable the most effective support

Combining the experience of health care professionals and patients, families & caregivers to create and share the most effective care & support for patients with Vascular Anomalies.

The beginnings

The beginnings

A group of physicians across Canada with a common interest in vascular anomalies first met in 2016. Subsequent meetings showed the benefits of collaboration between healthcare professionals in Canada. Vascular Anomalies Canada was established in 2021 by Philip John, Vicky Price and Kelley Zwicker.

More about VAC-AVC

What is Vascular Anomalies Canada (VAC)?

Vascular Anomalies Canada (VAC) is a non-profit network organization dedicated to improving the care & support for those affected by and treating vascular anomalies. We enable education, advocacy and creating connections for patients, families, and healthcare professionals in Canada.

What are vascular anomalies?

Vascular anomalies are a group of rare disorders characterized by abnormalities in the blood vessels. They can range from birthmarks and benign growths to more complex conditions affecting the arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, or capillaries.

How does VAC help individuals with vascular anomalies?

VAC encourages the development of educational materials, connects patients and families with specialists and support groups, raises awareness, and advocates for improved care and research in the field.

Who can benefit from and contribute to VAC's activities?

Anyone affected by or interested in vascular anomalies. This includes patients of all ages, their families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals seeking information, knowledge and support.

How can I get involved with Vascular Anomalies Canada?

There are several ways you can get involved with Vascular Anomalies Canada. You can participate in fundraising, volunteer your time, share your story, or make a donation to support our initiatives. Visit our website for more information on how to get involved.

Are there events organized by VAC?

Yes, VAC currently organizes events for healthcare professionals throughout the year. Our next step is to enable opportunities for individuals and families affected by vascular anomalies to connect, share experiences, and learn from experts in the field.