What we do

Gather up-to-date information about care & support

Our primary aim is to gather up-to-date information to support children and adults with vascular anomalies, and their caregivers and families.

Deliver education about vascular anomalies

We deliver education about vascular anomalies to health-care professionals and eventually patients, families and caregivers.

Foster collaborative advocacy

We foster relationships and share information to achieve change in the support for vascular anomalies across Canada.

Pfizer Patient Education Initiative

WIth the generous support for Pfizer Canada VAC-AVC is working on a number of projects to provide information and resources of immediate value.

The work begins

With the generous support of Pfizer Canada, VAC-AVC is launching projects to enable knowledge and experience to be shared between patients, parents and caregivers.!

Fact Sheets and Brochures

VAC-AVC will identify key topics prioritized by patients, parents and practitioners and make that information available in suitable form.

Website Library and content research

VAC-AVC will research the current information available about vascular anomalies and create a Library space in a relaunched website.

Lived Experience Video Blogs

VAC-AVC will invite patients, parents and practitioners to share their insights and experience about living with vascular anomalies and ways to approach the available and needed care and support these conditions can demand.